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I am a feminist.  I had to take a women’s studies course to figure that out. Sure, I spent my younger years in a male-dominated (both in numbers and patriarchal fashion) family, calling my brother, father, uncles, cousins, & innocent passerby names that ran the gamut from “sexist pig” to “chauvinist” (just imagine how well […]

More to Mock


Last week was the pilot episode of new ‘reality’ dating show, More to Love.  What’s the difference between this and the Bachelor/Bachelorette?  Well, apparently it’s helping obese girls find love.  Lucky them! (Photo of contestants courtesy of Officially, the show is billed as “the first broadcast dating show entirely cast with heavy and “average-looking” […]



I have a confession.  A dirty little secret.  I have become a cougar.  What, you may ask, is a cougar?  Colloquially, it is a woman who preys on younger men.  I can’t say this is a habit of mine, but having met and been flirting with a guy just about a year and a half […]