Vote YES to MMP – A Little Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion


In my 4th year Political Communications seminar (POLS 419), we were asked to create a politically-focused ad campaign.  Given our interest in electoral reform, my partner Steven Venner & I decided to focus our campaign on electoral reform, specifically, a federal change to the MMP system.  We chose FairVote Canada as our fictional client because they have been monumental in inspiring and mobilizing for change to the electoral system.

Here are our ads (you can click on the thumbnails to make the graphics bigger)

– Educational Flight –

– Mobilization Flight –

– Flaws in the Current System Flight –

We had a lot of fun putting the ads together, and learned a lot about iMovie, Photoshop and MMP along the way.


2 Responses to “Vote YES to MMP – A Little Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. Stephanie and Steven, you’re absolutely brilliant.

    Now that you’re graduating, what are you doing next? This month?

    • Hi Wilfred,
      Thanks for your kind feedback! Unfortunately both Steven and I are otherwise engaged during the conference, but it seems like it will be a great weekend! As for our graduate plans, I will be going into Public Relations and Steven is deciding between programs at Humber and Ryerson.

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