a break from my usual tirades…


I’m on reading week right now, and although I planned on blogging a lot (to make up for my recent silence) I haven’t finished a piece yet.  Thus, here are some recent ads I think are amazing.  Enjoy!

This ad from Old Spice is a nice departure from the usual female objectification we see in advertising.  Although it does play to stereotypes (Diamonds, anyone?), it’s also unique in that it is selling the product to a consumer outside its target market (girlfriends, rather than the men who use it).  If anything, it is “sticky” and not soon forgotten!

There’s something to be said for continuity.  The Budweiser Clydesdale Superbowl commercials have always been a favourite of mine, and not only for the cute animals.  The latest comes second only to the Rocky ad, showing Hank with yet another friend.  It may be cliche, but it truly seems that Hank (the pony) has grown up before our eyes.  I look forward to seeing what Hank is up to next year and, for this reason, will be looking out for the Bud commercial.  The horses might be a gimmick, but they work!

Ah, the infamous Dodge commercial.  I should hate it (and you should think I’d hate it, based upon previous blog tirades), but really…I don’t.  It caught my attention.  It was pretty funny (a lot funnier than the spoof the angry feminists released, might I add…), and the juxtaposition of the roaring vehicle with the quietly angry men was fantastic.  It got people talking, it got the product out there, it was memorable.  Ladies, we get the men in the tight pants fighting over a football – let the men have their creative and fairly hilarious (if the slightest bit sexist) ad.

Who doesn’t like babies? The E-Trade babies series was both adorable and sticky (outweighing the creepy talking baby factor).

That’s all for now! Check back soon for my take on Tiger Wood’s press conference (topic suggested by my Humber PR interviewer!) and what I think he should do next.


2 Responses to “a break from my usual tirades…”

  1. 1 ?

    What? I thought you could’ve had potential with this post. I watched the first ad you praised and afterwards decided the rest were not worth my watching.

    While the Old Spice commercial is interesting, and creative indeed, it still remains quite problematic for a multitude of reasons.

    First off, there was that whole discussion of your “man” smelling like a “woman”. a-gender binaries, much? b-what exactly is a “womanly” smell/a “manly” smell and who dictates this? c-if Im not mistaken, a “womanly” smell would be flowers and jasmine and fruits and whatever else marketing tells us. So what’s so necessarily wrong if a man wishes or DOES smell like this? I dont get it.

    Secondly, and you’ll probably groan at this one but it needs to be said, him being a man of colour. A black man, where black men have historically been depicted as womanizers and more promiscuous than their White counterparts. And here they have a sexualized Black man (because coloured people are exotic & sexual) with a deeper (read: seductive) voice, attempting to persuade the woman audience to look at him & not their boyfriends, and why he’d do them better.

    So overall: Not a much better ad, no sirree. But this is the state of mass marketing. I thought you couldve been onto something with this, but alas I was unsurprisingly disappointed

    • 2 Stephanie Fusco

      Thanks for your comments and constructive criticism.

      I feel that you missed the point of the post, however. This was meant to be an uncontroversial post with a few ads I believe have been serving their purpose to the companies who chose to air them.

      Truthfully, I don’t disagree with you regarding the implicit messages the ad might be sending. However, view it through an advertising lens rather than a race/gender studies one and you might see it the same way I did when I posted it.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m glad you have strong ones. Perhaps you’d benefit as much as I have from collecting these thoughts on your own blog.

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