I have a confession.  A dirty little secret.  I have become a cougar.  What, you may ask, is a cougar?  Colloquially, it is a woman who preys on younger men.  I can’t say this is a habit of mine, but having met and been flirting with a guy just about a year and a half younger than I, almost a 1990 baby, I’ve encountered some criticism both from myself and others.  

I know I am not alone in this since I criticized my housemate for dating a younger guy earlier this year.  Hell, we went so far as to nickname him Jon Benet, after the slain beauty queen.  The house itself? A suggested rename from the Panty Palace to the Playground, or Daycare.

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For whatever reason, it is just not socially acceptable for a woman to be interested in or to date a younger man.  Why is that?  How does it make any sense that when a woman dates an older man, she has daddy issues or is a golddigger; a younger man, she is a cougar?  When a man dates younger women, he is considered a stud, a real catch for being able to entice and trap such a pretty young thing; an older woman and he is a stud for being with an experienced lady.  Why the double standard?


2 Responses to “Cougars”

  1. 1 'cougar' housemate...

    AMEN to you Stephania.
    Young women everywhere should read this.
    You are a trailblazer; a 21st Century leader.
    Someone had to say it, it’s about time we took our power back and said F-U STEREOTYPES! I’ll have NUNADAT!

    …and for the record…HE’S IN THE SAME YEAR AS ME.

    You know you love me,
    Gossip Girl.

  2. 2 KBo

    Read the average Americian male. Read it, believe it, then pull out specific points in the story and ask your (ones you believe might answer what they truely believe) girl friends if they believe it to be true, do the same with male friends. You’ll find it entertaining and educational.

    I for one (as a male) think women should be free to do as they please but you all don’t believe it yourselves because if you did you wouldn’t feel the need to write about it here.

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