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Earlier this year, I took a Media & Politics course.  For my final paper – in the thick of the US Presidential campaigns – I wrote about how female politicians are portrayed by the media.  I was not at all surprised to discover that female politicians are questioned most often NOT on their policies and […]



I have a confession.  A dirty little secret.  I have become a cougar.  What, you may ask, is a cougar?  Colloquially, it is a woman who preys on younger men.  I can’t say this is a habit of mine, but having met and been flirting with a guy just about a year and a half […]

Through all the talk about how women are objectified by men during my experience in WMNS 225, my Sex, Gender & Popular Culture course, I’ve come to the realization that women, feminists, are expected to be strong and somewhat dominant, especially in their relationships with men – at least that is the stereotype I have […]

Beautiful Bones


It’s March.  It’s hard not to realize that bikini season is just around the corner.  Being internet-reliant, I decided to do some searches of ways to get bikini-ready for a summer at the Sandbanks.  Not unsurprisingly, I came across , a site that boasts daily “Thinspiration” and anorexia support.  I was instantly appalled.   […]

Growing up in an Italian family, the gender boundaries have always been clearly laid out.  Men belong at the supper table, in front of the TV, or beside the BBQ.  Women belong in the laundry room, kitchen, and nursery.  As many leaps and bounds have been made so that women can vote, work, marry other […]

Today, Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday.  For many, this doll is not only a reminder of childhood games but also the marker of what they thought a woman could be.  Barbie is, in my opinion, a paradox for feminism.  On the one hand, you have a woman who has tried and succeeded at every career […]

Hello, Sunshine


So, this is my first blog entry. This is starting off as an assignment for WMNS225, but hopefully I enjoy blogging and will continue to do it on a regular basis =) Enjoy my musings!